Is CBD Effective For Controlling Lupus Symptoms?

CBD For Lupus
CBD For Lupus
CBD For Lupus
CBD For Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that can lead to a large number of severe symptoms. Just like any other autoimmune disorder, lupus cannot be cured completely. Hence, managing its symptoms is the only effective way for preventing the development of this condition.

Lupus can strike any organ in your body and lead to a wide selection of symptoms. The lack of a permanent cure for lupus is what makes this health condition, a real challenge! Lupus symptoms might come and go and it can lead to alternating periods of flare-ups and remissions. However, the dearth of symptoms does not mean that it is healed. You might experience severe symptoms again after a period of remission. Different organs and tissues in your body can be affected by lupus including joints, heart, skin, lungs, blood, kidneys, and brain. Elucidated below are a few of the symptoms:

Muscle And Joint Pain: Pain and stiffness can be present in your joints and muscles with or without swelling. This symptom is present in most people affected by lupus. Pain can be commonly present in your neck, shoulders, thighs, and upper arms.

Fever: This is another commonly found lupus symptom. Fever is often a result of infection or swelling. It can be eased with the use of lupus medications.

Rashes: A butterfly-shaped rash formed across your nose and cheeks is a tell-tale sign of lupus. Rashes can also occur in other body parts including arms, hands, and face. These rashes can become worse when your skin is exposed to sunlight.

Chest Pain: Lupus can lead to the development of inflammation in the lining covering your lungs. This can result in chest pain when you breathe deeply.

Hair Loss: This condition can also lead to hair loss and the formation of bald or patchy spots are also common. Hair loss can be the result of infections or some medicines too.

Sensitivity To Sunlight: People suffering from lupus can be sensitive to light, which is a condition known as photosensitivity. If the skin is exposed to light, it can lead to rashes, fatigue, fever, or joint pain in some lupus patients.

Kidney Problems: A lot of people suffering from lupus also have kidney problems, which is called lupus nephritis. Some of the common problems caused by this condition are weight gain, high blood pressure, swollen ankles, and issues with the functioning of the kidneys.

Some of the other common symptoms caused by this condition are mouth sores, anemia, extreme fatigue, blood clotting, memory problems, and eye diseases. Doctors usually prescribe NSAIDs, immunosuppressant medications, corticosteroids, biologics, etc. to control the symptoms resulting from lupus. Even so, there are many severe side effects that accompany these medications.

Hence, people are now looking for natural remedies to control various problems caused by lupus. If you want to control lupus symptoms naturally, then CBD oil can be a great help for you. This natural product is found to control a wide range of symptoms caused by lupus naturally. The following are some of the notable advantages of CBD for lupus:

It Can Control Pain

Lupus can steer acute pain in disparate parts of your body; for instance, joints, muscles, chest, etc. The chronic pain resulting from this condition can cynically impact your daily life. Although CBD can aid to relieve pain naturally without leading to serious side effects. It is even found to alleviate chronic pain resulting from lupus. Therefore, lupus patients are now utilizing CBD for pain rather than other pain medications.

It Can Alleviate Inflammation

Lupus can lead to chronic inflammation in different parts of your body. It can lead to stiffness and swelling thereby resulting in severe discomfort in lupus patients. The use of cannabidiol can help deal with this problem too. This compound can easily alleviate inflammation and other problems caused by it. Hence, CBD might help lupus patients to lead a better life.

It Is An Immunosuppressant

Doctors will prescribe immunosuppressant medications for controlling the activity of your immune system if you are suffering from lupus. This can be beneficial for curbing the development of lupus and its symptoms. However, continuous use of immunosuppressant medications is not safe, as they can lead to a lot of serious side effects. That said, CBD is a natural immunosuppressant that can regulate the activities of your immune system. Hence, this natural compound can help you avoid the use of other harmful medications.

The use of CBD can be beneficial for controlling hair loss and other symptoms caused by lupus. However, it may not completely cure this condition. Even though CBD is effective for controlling a lot of symptoms associated with lupus, it might not be effective for everyone suffering from this condition. So avoiding your lupus medications and switching to CBD entirely for treating lupus is not recommended. When using CBD for lupus, it is crucial to ask the opinion of your healthcare provider.