How To Dab CBD?

CBD For Cancer
CBD For Cancer

Dabbing is a highly bioavailable CBD intake method that promises fast-acting relief. In the intake method, the CBD dab product is heated inside dabbing equipment and the vapors are inhaled. The cannabidiol and other cannabinoids in the vapors enter the bloodstream through the permeable layers of the lungs.

In this article, we explore the CBD dabbing process.

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing is different from smoking as it does not involve the combustion of the dab material. In dabbing, oil or similar material is heated until it vaporizes and the vapors are then inhaled through the mouthpiece of the dabbing equipment.

The components that are common in all dabbing equipment include:

Heat Source 

Unless you have a heat source to vaporize the dabbing material, the process is not going to work out. Different types of heat sources are used for dabbing but the purpose of all remains the same.

Concentrate Delivery Mechanism 

To start dabbing, you have to place the dab wax or oil on the heat source and the tool used to do that varies according to the type of dab rig you use. A metal implement known as dabber is commonly used for this.

Inhalation Mechanism 

After the dab oil or wax vaporizes, you have to inhale the vapors. Glassware is the commonly used inhalation mechanism in many dab rigs.

What Is A Dab Rig And Why Is It So Popular?

Dab rig is a popular dabbing tool that is used to dab different concentrates. They have glass pipes, nails, bases, and mouthpieces. Nail is the heating element of the dab rig. Different types of dab nails include:

Domed Nails: Domed nails are made of small glass nails paired with large glass domes. The glass nail is heated with a butane torch and the dabber containing the concentrate is brought in contact with it. As the name suggests, domed nails require a dome for their operation.

Domeless Nails: Domeless nail does not need a dome for its operation. You have different options like glass, quartz, ceramic, and titanium in domeless nails.

E-nails: E-nails are heated up using electricity. It allows a good degree of heat control.

Heat control is crucial in the dabbing process as overheating can disrupt the overall profile of the concentrate. When executed in the right way, CBD dabbing can give you a pleasant and relieving CBD experience.