Policies Of Theme Parks On CBD And Medical Cannabis

Side Effects Of CBD
Side Effects Of CBD
CBD Policies
CBD Policies

You cannot enter Disney’s resorts and parks with cannabidiol, due to a restriction which has been established for over 4 decades. CBD products and medical marijuana are deemed prohibited goods at every theme park, hotel, and shopping area on Disney’s properties. Conversely, most other kinds of medical drugs are permitted inside. For instance, alcohol is traded at its and its rivals’ properties.

Other Parks Act As Per Disney’s Policy

Most major theme park companies adopt policies similar to Disney’s. This is to say, all of them prohibit the use of not just legal marijuana but also CBD in theme parks. Only some of these parks permit visitors to possess cannabidiol.

These parks do not prevent entry to visitors who have medical marijuana prescribed for their health conditions. However, they do not allow patient visitors to get into the park by carrying their treatment product, which is possibly an inconvenience for many of them. If Disney’s bag checking procedure finds that you possess medical cannabis or any CBD product, you would be unable to access the concerned property and would even face prosecution.

Legal At A State Level, But Not So On Disneyland

The original theme park of Walt Disney is situated in California. This US state permits the use of every form of medical cannabis. Despite the state’s legislation, the property laws of Disney’s park prohibit the possession of “marijuana (including marijuana enriched products) or any illegal substance.” Cannabidiol may not be an illegal substance under federal law and the state legislation, but the park prohibits it even today.

You might assume that Disney is yet to officially do away with this unenforced policy, but police recently removed people who attempted to enter Disney’s properties with marijuana. Anaheim Police Department’s records reveal that some arrests have been made for marijuana or marijuana derivative possession on Disneyland since January 2018. It is important to note that the aforementioned incidents happened after California made these products legal.

Will The Policy Ever Change?

Visitors who use medical cannabis or cannabidiol for the beneficial effects of it can only enter Disney’s theme park by leaving it at home. Some expect Disney’s cannabis and CBD policies to be changed, but this has not yet happened. At the time of writing this, the company maintains its stance on these legal substances in its Florida and California-based properties.