Is CBD Useable In The Form Of An Antifungal Substance?

CBD For Fungal Infections
CBD For Fungal Infections
CBD For Fungal Infections
CBD For Fungal Infections

Cannabidiol can be a potent antifungal treatment. A study from 2011 showed the possible antifungal effects of cannabidiol oil. The product has antifungal agents known as cannabichromene and cannabigerol. So, a product with CBD for fungal infections is likely to work.

Cannabidiol is essentially a composition of oxygen atoms and hydrogen atoms, so it has several antifungal properties. Cannabidiol’s atomic compounds can work against other types of molecules that go through oxidation because of containing oxygen.

The process of CBD coming across fungal cells will oxidize the cells, making those unable to multiply and expand. More importantly, cannabidiol can inhibit ergosterol as well as oxidize the cells, thereby keeping fungi from spreading and growing.

Cannabidiol, CBG and CBC can attack fungal cells in a way that destroys their membranes, thus killing them and preventing ergosterol creation. Ergosterol is required for fungi’s growth. Fungal cells could not thrive and could eventually die if they are deprived of their nutrients.

Besides, cannabidiol has properties to offer other antifungal components a boost. One of those components known as caryophyllene oxide is a naturally occurring and most powerful terpene. CBD, CBG and CBC can aid in making that antifungal terpene more potent.

Cannabidiol has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which can be effective, therapeutic and medicinal. Hemp terpenes are also lipophilic, a quality that causes those to be very efficacious antifungals.

How Can You Cope With Fungal Infections Affecting The Skin With Cannabidiol?

To understand in what way that is possible, it is vital to understand the forms and symptoms of the infections. Blisters, swelling, severe itching, redness, and skin irritation are among the most prevalent fungal infection symptoms. On the other hand, jock itch, ringworm, yeast infections, and athlete’s foot are among the most prevalent forms of the said skin infections.

Whole-hemp CBD for skin infections can work as that product contains all the above-mentioned cannabinoids. Those three phytocannabinoids not only have more potent antifungal properties but are also shown to kill fungal cells pretty effectively.

So, you may start to treat your infection by including full-spectrum cannabidiol oil in your skincare routine. That product can have the entourage effect, meaning a more potent effect mainly due to the non-CBD phytocannabinoids presence in the item.

When the three phytocannabinoids work with hemp terpenes, the cannabidiol compounds can move faster through the flowing blood, thus offering your skin various advantages. So, try using it as a topical item to treat your infection.