Can CBD Effectively Treat Cancer?

CBD For Cancer
CBD For Cancer
CBD For Cancer
CBD For Cancer

It may be too early for strong claims regarding utilizing CBD for cancer, but evidence hints that the compound may aid in managing cancer-related symptoms. Initial findings of animal studies about cancer-affected cells and cannabidiol are promising. Here, we will discuss what researchers understand regarding CBD and cancer.

The Efficacy Of CBD For Cancer: Here Is What Researchers Say

In 2016, they noted that phytocannabinoids may lessen the growth of tumors in animal models with various forms of cancers. As for the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the cannabidiol may assist in enhancing the potency or uptake of some drugs that medical professionals may prescribe for cancer.

A review from 2019 suggests that many studies discovered that cannabidiol may aid in reducing cancer-affected cell viability as well as preventing the cells from increasing. Another 2019 review about pancreatic cancer indicates that phytocannabinoids may assist in reducing tumor invasion, slowing tumor growth, and inducing the death of tumor cells. A study from 2014 notes that cannabidiol may be capable of inhibiting colorectal cancer cell spread.

As per a study from 2019, cannabidiol may promote cell death, plus cause glioblastoma cells to be sensitive to the radiation treatment to a greater extent. That is in line with a review from 2014, which also hints that phytocannabinoids may have anti-tumor effects.

Anyhow, it is important to note that studies are in their early phases. Most pieces of evidence are mainly from animal- or laboratory-based research. So, further human research is required to corroborate the possible anti-cancer effects of cannabidiol.

It is perhaps tricky to investigate cannabidiol and its utilization as a treatment for cancer because of ethical problems. Several studies on cannabidiol and cancer might include chemotherapy drugs. So, that may render it tricky to interpret the effectiveness of cannabidiol alone in treating the health issue.

Can It Help To Cope With Cancer Side Effects?

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are potentially efficacious in treating it, but these two treatment options have possible side effects. Almost every piece of research has looked at cannabidiol’s benefits, even though cannabidiol oil is likely to work comparably. Here are two of the secondary effects that cannabidiol may aid in reducing.


A review from 2017 discovered that cannabidiol may help people to manage chronic neuropathic pain. For your information, such pain is a potential chemo side effect.


As per the American Cancer Society, phytocannabinoids are a way of treating the vomiting and nausea resulting from chemotherapy.