Reasons Why CBD May Not Work

CBD For Lupus
CBD For Lupus
Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD

There has been an increasing demand for cannabidiol CBD products due to its many therapeutic benefits, and people are using it for managing inflammations, chronic pain, seizures, insomnia and anxiety. This is because for many of them it’s one of the very few options that works and doesn’t pose the risk of side effects. But, similar to any form of treatment, there are instances where it won’t work and it can be due to multiple reasons. Listed below are some of the reasons why CBD may not work.

It May Not Be From A Reputable Source

To enjoy the complete benefits of CBD, it must be of high quality and this depends very much on the source of its origin. Because of the surge in its demand, the market is ballooning and like any other products there will be fake or low quality products. So if you use or purchase such a CBD product, there are chances that it will not give the desired benefits. To ensure the quality of product look for third party lab certification, read customer reviews and select products from established and reputable brands. There are cases where customers had to search for long to settle down on a brand that works just fine for them.

You Need To Get The Dosage Right

There is no standard dosage for CBD and it varies from individual to individual. To enjoy the benefits of CBD you must administer the optimal dosage that is suitable for you. Identifying it requires time as it is found through a trial and error method until you arrive at the sweet spot. However, you should be aware that the optimal dose can vary according to the change in your need or requirement. So if you are planning to take it daily, better to keep a journal about your CBD intake to know how the dosage affects you. However, like any other drug your body will develop tolerance and the current dosage will become less effective.

It Takes Time

In some cases taking CBD will not give instant or fast relief and you will have to consume for a few days or weeks to feel the effects. For example, oral products such as oil capsules will start to show their effects only if you consume them for long periods of time because they are ideal for long term benefits.

The Delivery Method

There are different methods to administer cannabidiol, like CBD topical creams, vape oil, edibles, tinctures, capsules etc. So, if you were using a particular delivery method and it is not giving the desired effects, you should change it and try a different method. This is because, the cannabidiol bioavailability i.e. the amount of CBD available in the bloodstream varies according to the method of administration.

So if CBD is not working for you, check the above reasons rather than giving up.